Privacy policy - somewhat different, just like us!

As privacy fundamentalists, we care a great deal about privacy. We consider privacy to be an essential human trait. Hence, this platform is setup with privacy as the endgame. Naturally, we don't log any data and/or traffic. Your data should be kept yours, unless you personally choose to disclose it. Furthermore, we solely use best practice methods when it comes to securing h3b and the privacy of it's users. Offering users tools that honor privacy by design and by default is our passion.

Your data

  • Traffic between your computer and the h3b server is encrypted
  • No data is retained - at all
  • No external resources are being used - ever
  • No analytics are gathered
  • Security is constantly and thoroughly monitored
  • The machine used to managed h3b is as secure as h3b is
  • Partners (like our hoster OpenBSD.Amsterdam) are thoroughly vetted


  • Hosted on an OpenBSD VM, running -current with vmm as the hypervisor
  • This VM uses full disk encryption
  • Logs are directly shipped off to /dev/null
  • Hardening techniques are applied wherever possible
  • The platform is continously being updated and maintained
  • Scores an A+ on SSL Labs and an A+ on SecurityHeaders
  • Domain name is DNSsec signed, employs CAA and DANE
  • Access to the server is strictly limited to the operators
  • We use 16384 bits RSA SSH keys and 128+ chars passwords

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